Contractor's Engineer Services

Contractor's Engineer Services

As Contractor’s Engineer Pöyry works for EPC contractors and equipment suppliers providing engineering, procurement and construction management services for their projects. This may cover complete basic and detail engineering and technical assistance with the procurement, or engineering only for a part of the project, or covering only certain engineering disciplines.

Pöyry has had for the last 20 years its regional detail engineering and procurement centers in Bangkok and Manila, from where Pöyry handles most of the detail engineering and procurement services in the region, as well as provide engineering for selected Pöyry’s projects globally.

During the last ten years alone, Pöyry has been Contractor’s Engineer handling basic and detail engineering for more than 20 complete power plant projects in South East Asia performed by its Asian engineering offices, as well as handled the engineering of several balance-of-plant packages and various industrial projects in the region.

20in 10 years

20 complete thermal power plant detail engineering projects executed from our Southeast Asian offices in the last 10 years.