Lender's Engineer Services

Lender's Engineer Services

As a lender for a project, you want peace of mind from a trusted technical partner.  Pöyry has been Lender’s Technical Advisor in more than 30,000 MW of power plant projects globally. This includes all kinds of power plants, from very large gas and coal fired power plants to small oil and biomass-fired cogeneration plants, diesel power plants, as well as solar, wind, and hydropower plants. 

Besides power plant projects, Pöyry also has good experience in providing Lenders Technical Advisory services for pulp and paper, industrial, power transmission and other types of projects.  

We have provided services for many of the world’s most respected banks, including multilateral banks, Exim banks, most of the large international banks as well as many local banks in the region. In terms of debt installations, we have provided lender’s technical advisory services for power projects with total debt of up to about USD 2.5 billion per project. In terms of power generation capacity, our largest lenders technical advisory projects have had a capacity of 2,500 MW.

In Southeast Asia, we are currently involved in more than 15,000 MW of lenders technical advisory projects.

Our services cover the normal lenders technical advisory services, such as:

  • Technical due diligence services
  • Expert advice on technical, cost and contractual issues
  • Monitoring of construction and commissioning
  • Review of change orders
  • Monitoring and certification of disbursements
  • Review of performance testing procedures, witnessing of performance testing and review of performance test results
  • Issue of certificates
  • Monitoring of plant operations
  • Review of annual O&M budgets

In addition, we have good experience in providing market advisory and environmental due diligence and environmental monitoring services to the Lenders, and can provide the complete package of market, technical and environmental advisory service when needed.


Currently Lender's Technical Advisor in 15 GW of power plant projects in Southeast Asia