Energy Management Consulting

Energy Management Consulting

We cover electricity and gas markets and economics throughout Southeast and East Asia (excluding China), from our main offices in Bangkok and Manila. We cover most major markets in the region, including Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our clients – ranging from international energy companies, major lenders and investors, to local renewables companies – use Pöyry’s forecasts to inform major investments decisions.

Primary services include:

  • Electricity market analysis and assessments
  • Electricity market modeling (including wholesale price forecasting and plant dispatch forecasting)
  • Gas market analysis and modeling
  • Financial modeling of power plant projects
  • Training on liberalised and non-liberalised markets
  • Other ad hoc analysis

Market analysis and modeling - coverage

Complementing Pöyry’s global power market coverage, the Asia-Pacific team covers most major markets in Southeast Asia and East Asia. 

We analyse and provide insights regarding key power market trends.

Examples included: 

1. Economic and operational analysis of Solar+Storage plants

2. Battery price trends

3. In-depth, country-specific outlooks

100 in the last 5 years

We have completed around 100 market analysis or modelling projects in Southeast and East Asia in the last 5 years.