Procurement Services

Procurement Service

We can provide procurement services to your project, be it in a role as EPCM contractor, or as service to an EPC contractor.

As an initial stage of the procurement process our procurement team, together with the Client, will initiate a prequalification process for the potential bidders. Some may be part of our Standard Bidders List, which others may be new and will have to be vetted through an agreed qualification process.

As part of the procurement services, we will prepare the tender packages. That includes compiling the technical specifications, which our engineering team or in some cases the Client have produced, as well as the commercial documents which are either provided by the Client or may be produced by our procurement team. We will float the tenders to local or international bidders. Once the bids are received, the technical team will prepare a technical evaluation. If hired as EPCM contractor, we can prepare a commercial evaluation as well.

After awarding the contract, our procurement team will continue to expedite vendor documentation and monitor the progress of shipment up to delivery to site.  

Our procurement teams are located in Southeast Asia and have in-depth knowledge of the suppliers and contractors in Asian markets based on more than 20 years of procurement experience. Pöyry knows from first-hand experience which vendors supply quality products and services and who do not. Pöyry has the experience of negotiating and awarding about 3000 contracts and purchase orders in Asia.

3000 contracts and purchase orders awarded in Asia