Thermal Power

Thermal Power

Being the fastest developing region in the world, there’s a need for the thermal power industry in Southeast Asia to keep pace and answer to the growing demand for energy. Because of this, the industry is positioned for growth and set to fuel the future of the region, playing a crucial role in its infrastructure and economic reforms.

As one of the leading thermal power consulting and engineering companies in Southeast Asia, Pöyry takes pride in its over 50 years of experience in the region and having headlined many of the region’s most important and largest thermal power projects. Through various projects in partnership with different customers, Pöyry has been a pivotal part in addressing energy gaps and improving energy access in Southeast Asia through the years. 

Project execution is at our core and we’ll enable you to reduce project cost and complexity – whilst completing on time and on scope with high quality

Our Expertise


  • Natural Gas Fired Power Plants (gas turbines, combined cycle, gas engines)
  • LNG-fired Power Plants and Integrated LNG-to-Power Projects
  • Coal, Lignite, and Anthracite Fired Power Plants (pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed installations)
  • Biomass and Waste-to-Energy
  • Heavy Fuel Oil and Diesel Power Plants
  • Special Fuels, such as Industrial Wastes, Sludge, etc. 

Plant and Service Types:

  • Condensing Type Large Utility-Size Power Plants
  • Industrial Power Plants
  • Cogeneration of Power and Heat
  • District Heating and District Cooling Applications
  • Desalination Plants
  • Repowering Projects
  • Emission Control
  • Decommissioning of Power Plants

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20 in the last 10 years

20 complete thermal power plant detail engineering projects executed from our Southeast Asian offices in the last 10 years alone.

15 GW

Lender's technical advisor in 15GW of thermal power plant projects in Southeast Asia

20 GW

Currently owner's engineer in about 20 GW of thermal power plant projects under development of construction in Southeast Asia.