Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Pöyry is one of the leading technical consulting companies in renewable energy, covering biomass, waste-to-energy, geothermal, wind power, solar power, battery storage and hybrid projects. In biomass and bioenergy, we have a long history with various biomass fuels and have been involved in more than 150 projects worldwide. In waste-to-energy, we have a track record of constructing more than 16 million tonnes/year of waste-to-energy facilities. In solar, we have been involved in more than 250 projects, with over 17,000 MW in total. In wind power, we have been involved in over 200 wind power projects globally.

In renewable energy projects, our role may vary according to the project need. We have very good experience in being a technical advisor, owner's engineer, lender's technical advisor, contractor's engineer, and market advisor, as well as providing detailed engineering, procurement and construction management services for renewable energy projects. 

In Southeast Asia, we have an experienced consulting and engineering team located in the region to cover renewable energy projects and we are one of the leading consultants in the region for biomass, waste-to-energy, solar and wind. 

Whatever independent technical advise you require, our expertise in developing efficient renewable energy solutions allows us to provide the exact services you need, at all stages of the project lifecycle, to help identify realise and preserve your investments in renewable energy.  

Our Expertise

Over 3000MW

Pöyry has contributed to over 3,000 MW of wind power in Asia.


Pöyry has contributed to over 5,000 MW of solar power projects in Asia.