“Pöyry is very supportive and open-minded especially when it comes to developing new technologies.”

Talay Jiamjarangtangsee, GIS Engineer

I joined Pöyry two and half years ago. At that time, I was a new graduate of Geographical Information System from Southern Alberta Institution of Technology in Canada, where I stayed for nine years before deciding to settle back in Thailand.

Fast forward to today, I am now a GIS Engineer at Pöyry, assigned in the company’s regional hub in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then, I have come to realise the value that Pöyry gives to millennials such as myself who are techie and naturally adventurous, as the company steps into a new phase in doing its business.

From behind the desk when I first started with the company, I now find myself more on the field thanks to my natural penchant for ‘high-tech toys’ and re-purposing it into useful tools for the business, just like drones. I was able to contribute in the progressive usage of drones in the region’s hydropower business and has been spending more time now in the field collecting data and providing a much broader ranges of services, which I am delighted because clients are willing to pay for these services. And this is something I am proud of because through the help of Pöyry, I was encouraged to explore the use of drones, something that I am very interested at, and in the process help in re-defining GIS Engineering in the company.

Working with Pöyry made me appreciate the importance of always having a business case in mind. It made me a holistic GIS Engineer – not just looking after the technical side but also considering the business side of things.  I grew to appreciate that it is important to always consider how we can support the work of our engineers, of our marketing team and of course, our clients.

It’s a great thing that what we are developing now – the use of drones – among others, fits perfectly with the company’s digitalization efforts. Pöyry is very supportive and open-minded especially when it comes to developing new technologies.

Drone is a very strong technology. It’s coming quick and the ability of it will be much wider.  And if I will be given a chance one day, I could imagine a department for GIS, remote sensing and visualization. I want to find clients and package drones as a separate service. It’s the way to go.