"I learned to accomplish diverse tasks set at high standards"

Rendry Djasril Technical Manager, Civil and Structural, Thermal Power, Indonesia

"I learned to accomplish diverse tasks set at high standards", not just because of client demands, but because this is something that we set for ourselves as professionals"

I joined Pöyry as a Senior Engineer for the company’s EBG Thermal Power Office in Jakarta, Indonesia, seven years ago. That was in 2010, a good 13 years after I completed my Civil Engineering degree and having worked for almost ten years in a large Indonesia-based company operating in the pulp and paper industry. I was initially a Senior Civil and Structural Engineer, and later on, became a Manager for the Project Development and Consulting Department, and a Design Review member for the Owner’s Engineer Department during project implementation.

I have always wanted to experience the most out of each project – to know as much as possible on its aspects and facets. I was fortunate because Pöyry allowed me to experience just that. The company gave me a chance and assigned me to projects that have somewhat led me to project development and consulting roles not only in Indonesia, but also in the other countries within the South East Asian region such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Philippines, and Laos. These were tremendously great experiences for me. For one, I had the chance to explore a different side of my work--traveling to sites for preliminary and detailed site observations, geotechnical site investigations, topography and hydro-oceanography studies, among others.

And more importantly, Pöyry gave me the ‘exposure’ to work with diverse culture and background, allowing me to work with global experts, multinational clients, and colleagues from across Europe and Asia, who have generously extended their knowledge and have been instrumental in my professional growth. Through my work here, I was able to understand working in a global community, adapting and reacting positively to different work styles, ultimately empowering me in handling individual and team projects.

More recently, Pöyry was awarded by Indonesia Power, a subsidiary of the state-owned electricity company, the technical feasibility study of a thermal power plant project development and EPC bid tendering support. I feel excited and challenged at the same time, given this new opportunity for me to be a Project Manager of such a big and important project.

Though faced with another daunting task, I see it now as a chance for me to accomplish more and deliver more. At Pöyry, I learned to accomplish diverse tasks set at high standards, not just because of client demands, but because this is something that we set for ourselves as professionals, just what is expected from a truly global and world class organisation like Pöyry.